3. Development Strategy

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3.1       Strategic Vision and Aims

The Strategic Vision for Cahir has been developed having regard to its role at a national, regional and county level, its social, cultural and economic assets and in recognition of the aspiration of the local community and stakeholders to work together in partnership to deliver the sustainable balanced growth of Cahir Town.


Cahir will continue to harness its unique cultural and natural heritage and its strategic location in the Southern Region, by facilitating balanced sustainable growth and promoting a vibrant, living town centre, building on its potential as a tourism area of excellence, while diversifying its employment base and addressing climate change. Cahir will continue to be a town where its community has immense civic pride and work in partnership to develop a town with an enhanced quality of life for its residents and future generations.

Strategic Aim 1: Town Centre

To facilitate the development of the town centre as a place to live, work, visit and enjoy by harnessing the rich architectural heritage of the town, enhancing the quality of the environment and facilitating high quality new development.

Strategic Aim 2: Sustainable Communities

To facilitate the development of sustainable and socially inclusive communities, where quality housing is provided and integrated with the delivery of community and social infrastructure to support a high a quality of life for the residents of the town.

Strategic Aim 3: Economic Development and Tourism

To facilitate the sustainable economic growth of Cahir, by capitalising on high quality tourism attractions, and innovating in all sectors of the local economy to provide new and diverse employment opportunities.

Strategic Aim 4: Transport & Movement

To promote sustainable transport patterns and infrastructure in the town and to safeguard and develop the strategic road and rail network to enhance connectivity to national and regional towns and cities.

Strategic Aim 5: Natural and Built Heritage

To safeguard, showcase and support the sustainable development of the natural and built heritage of the town; enhancing amenity and providing a high quality environment for locals, visitors and future generations. 

Strategic Aim 6: Infrastructure & Utilities

To facilitate the development of infrastructure and utilities that will support sustainable socio-economic growth and protect the quality of the environment of the town.  

3.2       Spatial Development Strategy

The Spatial Development Strategy as presented in Figure 4 has been developed having considered alternatives through the Strategic Environment Assessment[1] process and to provide a framework to support sustainable compact growth, building on the socio-economic town’s assets while protecting the environmental quality of the town and its setting. 


Figure 4: Cahir Spatial Development Map

3.3       Population Growth

The Council, in determining a population growth for Cahir over the Plan period, has given consideration to the population targets provided for County Tipperary in the Implementation Roadmap for the National Planning Framework (DHPLG, 2018), and a range of factors including:

  • The role of Cahir in the County Settlement Hierarchy
  • Population Trends
  • Housing Needs and Demand Assessments
  • Rebuilding Ireland Programme
  • Infrastructural Capacity

As outlined in Chapter 2, Cahir has experienced significant population growth since the turn of the millennium and fulfils an important role as a District Town and centre of employment and residential growth. Cahir is also a nationally important tourism destination and has significant potential as is identified as a sub-regional driver as part of the network of towns along the Limerick-Waterford Transport and Economic Corridor. For Cahir to achieve its potential and fulfil its role as a District Town, a population allocation of 10% is considered achievable and proportionate. This would increase the current population by 359 persons, from 3,593 to 3,952.

The residential land zoning requirements outlined below in Table 6 has been determined, taking into consideration a targeted population growth of 10%; household size and demand; residential vacancy in Cahir; the need to deliver Rebuilding Ireland 2040 and to identify sufficient lands which can be developed and activated over the Plan period.

Pop Increase

No. of Units[2]

Vacant Units  (-)

Social Housing (+)

Total Units









20 u/ha


Table 6: Residential units required 2021-2027

3.4       Land Use Zoning Framework

The NPF has provided a detailed methodology for local authorities to apply in developing a zoning framework, informed by the population targets and based on a detailed assessment of available serviced land and an assessment of infrastructure requirements[5]. This 'Serviced Land and Infrastructure Assessment' is contained in Appendix 2 of this Plan. The Council, in the preparation of the zoning framework, has also sought to ensure that the Town Centre Regeneration Strategy can be delivered and activated over the Plan period and that a sufficient choice for land for development is provided to support the sustainable residential, economic and social growth of the town. Table 7 presents a summary of the quantum of zoned land available for development purposes.


Tier 1

Tier 2

Town Centre



New Residential 



Enterprise and Employment



Social and Public



Tourism and Recreation



Table 7: Land Use Zoning Framework, based on Tier 1 & Tier 2 designations as set out in the NPF

Strategic Development Policy

It is the policy of the Council to:


Facilitate and support the sustainable growth of residential, employment and social development in Cahir in accordance with the National Planning Framework, the Southern Regional Spatial Economic Strategy 2020, and the South Tipperary County Development Plan 2009 (and any review thereof).


Ensure all proposals comply with the policies, objectives and development management standards of the South Tipperary County Development Plan 2009 (and any review thereof).


Require development proposals to incorporate best practice in low-carbon planning through the efficient use of land, reduced energy use and carbon output and the enhancement of bio-diversity of the town, in accordance with the Climate Action Plan.

Specific Objectives

It is an objective to:


Design, develop and implement strategic regeneration projects in partnership with national, regional and local stakeholders and seek funding opportunities as they arise.


Work in partnership with regional stakeholders to develop Cahir as part of the Limerick-Waterford Transport and Economic Corridor.


[1] Detail on alternatives considered is provided in Section 6 of the SEA

[2] Based on an average household size of 2.7, the average household size in Tipperary in Census 2016

[3] A density range of 20 units per hectare is applied to reflect the ‘edge-of-centre’ location of new residential development. This density reflects a blend to accommodate ‘serviced sites’, a gradual increase on the prevailing suburban density in Cahir, in accordance with section 6.3(c) of the ‘Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas’ guidelines, and the development of infill urban development.

[4] As of January 2020, and survey conducted by the Council’s Vacant Housing Officer

[5] NPF, Appendix 3, page 175

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