5. Sustainable Communities

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To facilitate the development of sustainable and socially inclusive communities, where quality housing is provided and integrated with the delivery of community and social infrastructure to support a high quality of life for the residents of the town.

5.1       Introduction

Sustainable communities meet the residential, social and recreational needs of existing and future residents, their children and other users, providing opportunities for prosperity and a high quality of life. The socio-economic context for Cahir provides a picture of a healthy town which benefits from a wide range of natural, recreational and social amenities. The focus of the Plan period will be to enhance these amenities and provide quality housing and a range of choice to meet the needs of the change demographics and all sectors of the population.

5.2       Residential Development Strategy   

The Development Strategy for the town as set out in Chapter 3 of the Plan has established a framework to facilitate residential development on lands zoned within the town centre and on a range of other residential sites within walking distance and close to existing services. The Council will also seek to promote compact growth through the re-use and re-development of vacant properties, brownfield and infill sites within the town.

Residential development in Cahir will be assessed having regard to the following national guidance and policies (and any review of these guidance documents):

  • Quality Housing for Sustainable Communities (DEHLG, 2007)
  • Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas (DEHLG, 2009);
  • Design Standards for New Apartments (DHPLG, 2018);
  • Urban Development and Building Heights (DHPLG, 2018);
  • Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DTTS & DHPLG, 2013 and as updated); and
  • Development Management Standards set out at Chapter 10 of the CDP.

5.3       Residential Design

Residential growth in Cahir over past decades has generally taken place north of the town centre and provision has comprised of 3 and 4 bed semi-detached and detached housing. In accordance with national policy and to respond to our demographic trends of smaller housing sizes and an ageing population, residential development over the next plan period will need to provide a greater range of choice and options to meet the needs of the community.

In accordance with the County Development Plan, and in order to facilitate the assessment of development proposals, applications will be required to be accompanied by an evidence-based analysis of housing needs and detailed design statements incorporating a mix of house types and sizes. The forthcoming Tipperary County Development Plan will also include an up-dated County Housing Strategy and Housing Need Demand Assessment and development proposals will need to comply with these documents on adoption.



Figure 11: Caireal Mor, Headford Road, Galway. An example of higher density scale development with a number of different housing typologies


Figure 12: Infill housing, Lord Edward Street, Limerick (NMA architects)

The development of infill sites and provision of living accommodation on upper floors of commercial units within the town centre is supported by the Plan.  Proposals for infill development should be sensitively designed to have regard to proximity of neighbouring buildings, the uses of proposed development and neighbouring properties, impacts on light, overshadowing, servicing, noise and general disturbance.  

In accordance with the policies of the County Development Plan, the Housing Strategy and the requirements of Part V of the Act, social housing will be required to be delivered as part of new private housing which meets the thresholds set out in the Act. The Council is also continuing to deliver social housing in Cahir through the Rebuilding Ireland programme, including the forthcoming construction of a new social housing scheme in Abbey Street.

5.4       Age-Friendly Communities 


The Tipperary Age-Friendly Strategy sets out a vision where the inclusion of older people is promoted, valued and actively encouraged in all areas of life. The strategy seeks to support older people to live independently with confidence, security and dignity in their homes for as long as possible and to encourage this age group to maintain, improve and manage their health and wellbeing. Public realm projects will have regard to and implement the principles of Age Friendly Ireland’s ‘Age Friendly Towns’ and ‘Being Age Friendly in the Public Realm’, where feasible. 

Figure 13: Age Friendly Ireland

The Plan will also seek to ensure, where possible, that homes in new residential developments are universally designed to the Lifetime Homes standard set out in Quality Housing for Sustainable Communities (DEHLG, 2007).

Cahir has two dedicated services for elderly persons within the town – Bramleigh Lodge Nursing Home and Cahir Day Care Centre on the Ardfinnan Road. As the population of the town is likely to continue to age, further dedicated services will be required for elderly persons. The Plan will support the provision of dedicated elderly services including assisted living, supported living, nursing homes and day care centres where the applicant can demonstrate there is an evidenced-based need for these services. New development should be located on sites with good access to a broad range of services for elderly persons.

5.5       Community and Educational Facilities

Cahir is well catered for in terms of community and social facilities and has many active community groups, and public and social enterprises located in the town. These groups have been very successful in delivering a number of projects including the development of the sensory garden, farmers market, and numerous improvements to river walks in the town. The Council will seek to support community-led and cultural projects which enhance the well-being of residents of the town and improve the quality of the environment in the town.

Figure 14: Cahir Business & Training Centre, Sensory Garden and Farmers Market

A 1,885sqm primary care centre is under construction at Barnora to provide general medical practice facilities and public healthcare facilities. The Plan will support the proportionate expansion of healthcare facilities in the town and will zone sufficient land for this purpose.

Cahir has four pre-schools registered with Tusla, at Ardfinnan Road, Duneske, Church Street & Pearse Street. The provision of new childcare facilities within the Plan boundary will be supported in accordance with the requirement of the policies set out in the CDP.

Cahir is served by two primary schools, one for girls and one for boys, and a secondary school. Planning permission was granted in 2017 for the provision of an amalgamated primary school on Pearse Street, which will be delivered by the Department for Education. The Plan will support the proportionate expansion of education facilities in the town and land is zoned for this purpose.

Cahir is also home to a branch of Fáilte Isteach, a valuable adult learning service that helps migrants to learn English. The provision of adult education services will continue to be supported in the Plan.

5.6       Community and Climate Change

Submissions received as part of the non-statutory phase of the Plan recognised the need within the local community to plan for climate change. Cahir has a number of vibrant community groups active in promoting climate action and enhancing biodiversity and the development of a Sustainable Energy Community in the town would provide an opportunity to provide a clear, coherent and strategic focus to the work already taking place in the town. The Council will seek to provide support to the local community in development sustainable energy initiatives.

5.7       Open Space and Amenities

The town is well-served in term of open space and amenities, with soccer, GAA, tennis and golf facilities all located within the town. Community groups in the town have secured funding and improved a number of amenity spaces around the town and along the river. The redevelopment of public spaces and opportunity sites will be required to provide well-designed public spaces accessible to all, as well as providing play spaces for children that are safe. Provision for dedicated playground spaces will be supported as well as the provision of allotment space.

Sustainable Communities Policy

It is the policy of the Council to:


Promote and facilitate new residential development within the town centre on opportunity sites, infill and brownfield sites and to use land activation measures where appropriate to support their development.


Facilitate residential development in accordance with the principles and guidelines of Sustainable Residential Guidelines for Planning Authorities in Urban Areas (DEHLG, 2009) and the Urban Development and Building Height Guidelines for Planning Authorities (DHPLG, 2018).


Seek the provision of lifetime adaptable homes, where feasible, in accordance with the standards set out in Quality Homes for Sustainable Communities (DEHLG, 2007).


Require new residential development proposals to incorporate measures to address climate change and demonstrate how the proposals would minimise energy use, the production of waste and support biodiversity


Support the provision of dedicated elderly services including assisted living, supported living, nursing homes and day care centres on land zoned to support such developments.  


Support the co-location of community facilities and required new education and sport development to make provision for community access to such facilities


Specific Objectives

It is an objective to:


Work with Age-Friendly Ireland in implementing the strategies and objectives of Tipperary Age-Friendly Strategy.


Support the local community in developing sustainable energy initiatives


Develop a toolkit for the integration of climate action measures in the design and development of residential and mixed used schemes


Support community-led and cultural projects which enhance the social and economic well-being of residents of the town and improve the quality of the environment in the town.

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