6. Economic Development & Tourism

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To facilitate the sustainable economic growth of the Cahir, by capitalising on its high-quality tourism attractions, and innovating in all sectors of the local economy to provide new and diverse employment opportunities

6.1       Introduction

Chapter 3 and 4 of the Plan have outlined a co-ordinated regeneration plan for Cahir Town Centre, building on its historic and tourism assets which aim to create a vibrant destination town attracting business, services and employment opportunities. It is also a strategic aim of the Plan to capitalise on the town’s connectivity, as part of the network of towns along the Limerick – Waterford Transport and Economic Corridor. The.RSES acknowledges the development of collaborative initiatives in the region, such as the River Suir Blueway and supports future collaborative action at local level to realise opportunities.


This Chapter set out policies and objectives of the Plan to the build on the strategic assets and opportunities, and to provide a diverse economic base for town.  


Figure 15: Cahir Castle, Suir Blueway and Cahir Market House Business Centre

6.2       Industry and Enterprise Development 

Cahir has a significant manufacturing employment base, with a number of large-scale employers operating in the town, including Oakpark Foods, AIBP and Munster Protein. The Carrigeen Buisness Park and the Cahirabbey Industrial Estate accommodate a number of office and smaller industries and provide sustainable employment and opportunities for expansion. These business and industrial parks will continue to be key employment centres in the town, where new large-scale employment such as light and general industry, warehousing and starter and incubator units are located.

The Cahirabbey Business Park will accommodate light industrial land uses in addition to being the preferred location for bulky goods retail warehousing. The general industry land at Kilcommon is the desired location for heavy/general industry. The Carrigeen Business Park, owing to its location within a reasonable walking distance of the town centre, will be the most appropriate location for office-based businesses and small scale start-up/incubation units.

Figure 16: Carrigeen Business Park - Located close to the town centre and with room for expansion

The Cahir Market House Business Centre is identified as a flagship development for the town, to support enterprise development and provide co-working spaces. As outlined in Chapter 2, the Council will continue to seek funding to bring this project to fruition. The town has also benefited from a Community Enterprise Centre, operated by the Cahir Development Association, offering a number of office and training services and continues to support enterprise development in the town. The Cahir Market House Business Centre, once operational, will offer dedicated flexible workspaces, a product not currently available in the town, and help to diversify employment by offering new opportunities for working and networking.  

6.3       Tourism

The tourism economy is well established in Cahir, and visitor number increasing year-on-year, supported by multi-faceted various tourism initiatives, including Tipperary Tourism, Munster Vales, Irelands Ancient East, Suir Blueway and the Butler Trail.

The Strategic Tourism Marketing, Experience & Destination Development Plan 2016-2021 for Tipperary has set an ambition for the county to transition from a transit zone to a touring zone thus increasing dwell time and supporting job creation. Cahir is acknowledged as a key town to contribute towards this ambition, and as a destination for the culturally curious, the adventurous, for places to eat, and for getting around and way-faring.

Figure 17: Swiss Cottage

The Council will seek, through the Town Centre Regeneration Strategy and the principles set out in Fáilte Ireland’s Development Guidelines for Tourism Destination Towns, to further develop the tourism potential of Cahir, building on linkage with other towns and identifying ‘tourism-specific’ needs for high quality tourism. The development of a ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy’ (outlined at section 8.4) will also support initiatives and the development of the tourism industry in the town.

6.4       Cahirabbey – Integrated Tourism Development

The development of the Cahir Abbey quarry site to the north of the town also offers an opportunity to address two key ‘tourism destination town’ criteria, the availability of things to see and do and the variety and quality of accommodation. The site is 34ha in area and was formerly used as a quarry. The redevelopment of these lands for a flagship integrated tourism development was identified in the Cahir Local Area Plan 2011. This Plan supports the continued designation and its redevelopment for major high-quality facilities, water-based recreational activities and a high-quality hotel as a core product. The development of the land should include public access for pedestrians, cycle paths around the site and the delivery of a new pedestrian / cycle bridge over the Suir to link into the existing pathways on the eastern side of the river and the town. Further detail on the development of these lands is included at Appendix 1: Opportunity Sites.

Economic Development & Tourism Policy

It is the policy of the Council to:


Support the development and expansion of enterprise and employment within Cahir, and to co-operate with all stakeholders, land owners and relevant agencies to attract investment


Support the development of arts and cultural activities, new visitor accommodation and water-based leisure activities to support the tourism industry in the town; and promote and expand physical and cultural tourism linkages with neighbouring areas and towns


Monitor and manage any increases in visitor numbers in order to avoid significant effects including loss of habitat and disturbance and impacts on existing infrastructure.   Visitor / habitat management plans will be required for proposed tourism projects as relevant and appropriate. 

Specific Objectives

It is an objective to:


Seek to redevelop Market House as a Business Development Centre to support and foster enterprise in the town.


Work with national and regional partners in delivering a co-ordinated strategy for the Limerick – Waterford Transport and Economic Corridor and continue to build on existing initiatives of economic growth and job creation over the Plan period.


Enhance, develop and promote tourism initiatives including the River Suir Blueway, Butler Trail, St Declan’s Way and Munster Vales, which support the expansion and diversification of the employment base in the town.


Develop Cahir as ‘Destination Town’ and to seek funding to realise this objective in accordance with Fáilte Ireland’s Destination Town Guidelines.     

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