Redacted Submissions

Submission Ref Name Organisation Redacted Submission
RLAP-PMA-19 Michael MacAree National Transport Authority RLAP-PMA-19 Redacted.pdf619.06 KB
RLAP-PMA-17 Michael Madden RLAP-PMA-17 Redacted.pdf55.59 KB
RLAP-PMA-16 Philly O'Rourke RLAP-PMA-16 Redacted.pdf108.13 KB
RLAP-PMA-15 Áine Mc Carthy Tipperary County Council RLAP-PMA-15 Redacted.pdf68.86 KB
RLAP-PMA-14 Anne Marie O’Connor Office of the Planning Regulator RLAP-PMA-14 Redacted.pdf272.88 KB
RLAP-PMA-13 Victoria Quigley Uisce Éireann RLAP-PMA-13 Redacted.pdf472.28 KB
RLAP-PMA-12 Charles Lamb RLAP-PMA-12 Redacted.pdf85.02 KB
RLAP-PMA-11 Jacqui Traynor Department of Transport RLAP-PMA-11_Redacted.pdf183.99 KB
RLAP-PMA-10 Rachel Woodward Office of Public Works RLAP-PMA-10_Redacted.pdf282.5 KB
RLAP-PMA-9 Department of Education Department of Education RLAP-PMA-9_Redacted.pdf156.24 KB
RLAP-PMA-8 Luke Thompson Department of Environment, Climate & Communications RLAP-PMA-8_Redacted.pdf170.44 KB
RLAP-PMA-7 Mark Shaw Shaws RLAP-PMA-7_Redacted.pdf34.64 KB
RLAP-PMA-4 Michael McCormack Transport Infrastructure Ireland RLAP-PMA-4 _Redacted.pdf982.83 KB
RLAP-PMA-3 Lee Kelly Environmental Protection Agency RLAP-PMA-3_Redacted.pdf230.42 KB
RLAP-PMA-2 Gary Mackin DAA RLAP-PMA-2_Redacted_0.pdf81.96 KB